Alexander Ferrario At MFW S/S 2015 by Adam Katz Sinding

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Birthday idea: ask everybody to give you their favourite book with a dedication and an explanation, why they love it. Your friends will be happy sharing a part of themselves and you will get not only the most sincere recommendations, but maybe a key to understand your friends better. And even if you read it before you could do it again and try to see it through the giver’s eyes. You might see it completely differently.


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ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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"In India there is this contradictory reality: it is a country of people who, for the most part, have skin as dark as me. But you just need to open the magazines or watch a Bollywood film to realise that they are all white, with blue eyes." - Lakshmi Menon (Indian supermodel & photographer)

"Dark & Lovely" / Motherland Magazine 

Alfie Enoch in How to Get Away With Murder 1x01

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Photo by Daniel Usenko

"The Elegant Bride"

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But the wage gap varies significantly by race, according to an analysis from the research organization AAUW. While white women experienced that 78 percent figure, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women made 65 percent of what white men made in 2013, African-American women made 64 percent, American Indian and Alaska Native women made 59 percent, and Hispanic women made just 54 percent. Asian-American women are the only group doing better than white women, making 90 percent of white men’s earnings.

Woah, staggering.

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